Saturday, May 1, 2010

Food for Heat

It was so appropriate that today, the first of May, be a hot and humid day. By 10 am this morning it was already up to 65 degrees and expected to go as high as 85 by 4 pm. I was never one to claim Summer as my favorite season, but this year I missed the heat. I don't mind cold winters; it's probably because I'm used to them, but this winter all I could think about was the heat, what it felt like, or how nice the humid air would feel on my skin.

Today felt like the first day of a warm summer- a good summer, where for the three months of June, July, and August, my hemisphere would get its chance to revel in the sun's cosmic rays. When it gets hot like this I can barely stand to think about eating hot food. I could want nothing more than cool, crisp, water-dense foods; food that still resembles their true self--fresh from the soil or tree.

The obvious choice was a salad, filled with whatever we had left in the house, which on this particular Saturday afternoon included: a tomato, orange, avocado, ginger and some cloves of garlic.  

This tomato was so lovely to photograph with its curling vines. The way it wound and coiled reminded me of a treaty I read for an art history class --something by Joshua Reynolds purporting that the curved line was nature's best example of beauty. Or something to that point.

Either way, you have to admit it's beautiful. 

Nature's undulating line- found in a vine ripened tomato.

Then of course, there was the lettuce,

and the dressing: a drizzle of olive oil ( from this pretty bottle with nice packaging),

 garlic honey vinegar, purchased from the garlic festival last summer,

plus a few cracks of pepper and a pinch of salt.

We also had this english cucumber laying around. Cucumbers, in my opinion, are the apotheosis of light, summery vegetables as they are mostly water and crunch when you chew.

I decided to squeeze the orange over the whole salad. I couldn't imagine adding lemon. I wasn't looking for that sort of bite, so I opted for the orange instead, which worked out nicely, especially with the grated ginger and honeyed vinegar to mellow it out.

Earlier this morning, I bought a parmesan muffin from the Co-op . I Intended on eating it for lunch but never got around to it so I crumbled a portion of it over my salad. 

It wasn't until after finishing the salad did I realized I had made a sort of Panzanella

According to the ever useful, Panzanella is thought to be a leftover salad. It seems my gustatory impulses are now crossing borders.


  1. what a gorgeous post - the words, the images, the whole idea. i love how you are so thoughtful about even mundane things, which elevates them to non-mundane status.

  2. concrete magnolia,
    wonderful photography, wonderful post.



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